April 6, 2020

A simple majority (meaning we are split almost 50/50) of our membership has expressed a desire to have Jim Hattrick as our caller throughout the year for our 4th Friday dances. 

Okay, that is well and good.  However, I believe that our membership is making a mistake in going this route.
For plus dancing on the 1st Friday of the month we have Roger Putzler.

For mainstream dances:

We currently have Sandy Harris calling for Wolf Pack.

Spin Cycle Squares has Tim Matteson.

Whirl-A-Ways has Mike Kious.

Lennie Ludiker is an unknown in the current equation.

Single Trees has been able to provide a top-notch caller with Jim on the 2nd Friday of the month and what we would consider some top-notch callers for the 4th Friday.  However, that scenario will disappear in September.

We can continue with Jim as our 4th Friday caller throughout the year.  However, this creates a rather routine program of callers in the local area year-round.  Many of our dancers don't travel outside the area very often, if at all anymore.  So, they only get to dance to the same callers throughout the year.
Single Trees schedule will be something like this:  (1) Sept, (2) Oct, (3) Nov, Dec/dark, Jan/dark, (4) Feb, (5) Mar, (6) April, May/dark, (7) June, (8) July, (9) August.                                         

We have an opportunity to retain Jim for let's say 4 or 5 of the 9 dances during the year.  And, then bring in a guest caller for variety at the other dances. Callers like Darrell Kalmbach, George Hermann, KC Curtis, Richard Lane, Jim Steele, Craig Abercrombie, Randy Dibble.  The variety would be good for our very local dancers and those from the surrounding area (Sweet Home, Roseburg, Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, etc.} that don't travel much. Who knows, perhaps even encourage a visitation or two.

I know what your numbers say.  I just wanted to present an alternative point of view.
Think this through.  Perhaps even talk about it.  But, before we (Gaynor and I) make that final decision this had to be said.

Larry Reetz
Club President

Please email Larry (larryreetz@gmail.com) and Gaynor (dancergayn@gmail.com) with your response.