September 10, 2012

September Dances 2012

Sept. 14th:

It is time for our School Daze Sock Hop to kick off the 2012-13 season and our fall program.  K.C. Curtis with his deep baritone voice will be calling for us along with our own Pat Hintz, cueing.  Let's get out our 50-s poodle skirts, jeans and t-shirts with rolled-up sleeves and have a blast!  We give out prizes for best dressed.

7:30 Plus; 8:00 Mainstream with rounds until 10:30 pm; 9:15 approx. Break time. Don't forget, Single Trees, to bring your finger foods.

Sept. 28th:

Craig Abercrombie will join us with his fun musical dance program for the real "end of summer" dance. Same times as above. Craig calls for regional and national dances as well.  He is a hard caller to get for a dance in the Emerald area, so come and take advantage of his good calling. And, we always learn a thing or two in the process.