July 7, 2014

July 2014 Dances

Richard Lane
12th, Sat. - A VERY special (yes, Saturday) Single Trees Freedom Dance and Ice Cream Social with Richard Lane calling and Jackie Gale cueing. You may not know Richard Lane, but he is a 13-year veteran of the national circuit who started calling 31 years ago as a dare. He moved to Oregon in 2012 and lives in Portland.  He is an excellent caller, fast-paced, clear-voiced, funny and witty with a great singing voice.  He has a website online and calls in the Portland area as much as he can. He also calls with Randy Dibble for plus and advanced weekends. This will be a very special dance. And I'm sure you've all heard Jackie Gale's really good cueing. You all come now and leave room for ice cream.

25th, Fri. - Single Trees dance with Charlotte Jeskey calling and cueing - and that is a real treat. We danced to her the first Friday of the Strawberry Festival - so if you missed it, come on over to ESDC.

John & Shirley love rounds
At the ESDC:
26th, Sat. - Round Dance Party, 7 pm, $5
Christina Corelli - Cuer
[Emerald Dance Center, 2095 Yolanda, Springfield, OR]

Christina says: "I've asked ORDTA cuers to bring some dances and dancers to the party.  It's all levels.  If you dance two-step or waltz at the beginner level then this party is for you.  If you dance cha cha or other rumbas then this party is for you too.  The only requirement is to come with a SMILE! The hall is air conditioned and has a cushioned wood floor.  Casual dress is fine.  Even with air conditioning July's weather can be sticky and hot.  Dressing up is just too hot!  Come casual and comfy!"
Goodies welcome but certainly not required.  We just want people to come and have a good time!