Area Clubs

Square Dancing in and around Eugene/Springfield Oregon area
(Please note that this site is not always up to date.)

Whirl-A-Ways Square and Round Dance Club
2nd & 3rd Saturdays (dark July and August)

Sweet Home Squarenaders Square and Round Dance Club
e-mail:  squarenaders(at)

The Wolf Pack Square Dance Club
1st Saturdays and 4th Saturdays
Spin Cycle Squares
Most Sundays starting at 5:30 pm.

Other clubs:
Buccaneers "Plus only" Square Dance
First Friday of the month at 7:30 p.m. (Usually dance from October through June.)
It is a "caller-controlled club", meaning that it is managed by the caller, rather than a board of club members like most of the other clubs, above.  The current caller is Roger Putzler.
Contact: Roger Putzler, Phone:  (541) - 926-0051, Email:
Website: and click on "Square Dancing"

Round Dance Cuer is Christina Corelli-Goode

Advanced and Challenge Level Square Dance Clubs:
Cast-a-Shadow is an Advanced (A1, A2) level square dance club which began dancing in 1991.  The club dances on some  Sunday afternoons in Hall B at the Emerald Square Dance Center located at 2095 Yolanda in Springfield, Oregon.
Contact Fred Beisse (541) 683-2522 or Chris Vanderlinde (541) 998-1799.  On occasion there will be live callers but otherwise they dance to recorded tips done by national callers.  Website:

Misty Valley Cloggers
They dance at the Emerald Square Dance Center, 2095 Yolanda, Springfield OR
dances on the 3rd Friday of the month and are dark during the months of July and August.

Contact: Lauri Weidenhaft, cuer and instructor, (541) 747-7780,