February 19, 2024

Sweetheart of a 60th Birthday Dance

On Friday, Feb. 16, 2024 Single Trees celebrated our 60th birthday in high style.  We had five squares on the floor at one time at least, with more dancers and friends visiting while watching the dancing or eating in the dining area.  


Dale Roberson who called for us from 1986 to 1996 during our boom years came up from Sutherlin with his wife Betty and two members of his family to help us celebrate.  While he did not call a tip for us, he stayed and talked with al the dancers who had once had the pleasure of dancing to his calling on a regular basis twice a month.

Besides this treat, we had a long time former member and former president of Single Trees, Florence Mulvihill, come to visit.  She is no longer dancing but it was a pleasure to see her.   Roseburg Buckeroos came with about a square of dancers.  Whirl-Aways, our sister club at the hall, had many dancers there to enjoy the festivities and dance the night away.


Melba Walker and Joy Pitts, our vice president and president, did a great job hosting the dance and decorating beforehand.  


It was a night to remember for sure.  Craig Abercromie called and cued the dance for us and did an outstanding job.  We love his calling and his positive attitude.

Here are some photos.  I hope I got a good representation of everyone who came.


Next week we will have K.C. Curtis back to call for us. Sandy Harris will do the cueing.  This should be a good dance as well.  Please come and join us.

February 3, 2024

It's our

60th birthday

Feb. 16, 2024!

Please come

join us!



We just learned today that our long time Life Time member, Angie Barta, passed away recently.  She first joined Single Trees in 1969 and danced with us for a very long time until she began to have knee problems, eventually requiring surgery.  Over the years she served on the board in many capacities and along with her life partner Alan Pritchard she represented Single Trees as area representatives for many years.  Even after she could no longer dance she attended our dances to help our Treasurer Joy Pitts on the front desk while Alan came to set up the break bar.  They were both invaluable, hard-working members.  Here are a few photos of her along with Alan and others


 Hi, all.  

Single Trees had their new dancer dance in January but did not dance the next weekend because we were visited by a huge ice storm which kept people at home for over five days, left many without power for over a week, caused terrible damage to our fine trees especially to the east of Eugene in Springfield.


This past weekend Jan. 26- 28 we did not dance in this area as our Mid-Winter Festival was taking place up in Albany at the fairgrounds.  A few Single Trees were in attendance including those who also belong to Whirl-A-Ways, Larry Reetz and Connie Seamans who were there in official capacities helping the Mid-Winter committee .  Those who were there the whole weekend or at least for all day Saturday were: Joy Pitts, President, Melba Walker, Vice President, Paul Hash, Diana Hodges, Gaynor Hintz, Chris Vanderlinde.  There may have been more but I did not see them.


I danced the whole time in the Advanced Hall which had from 4 to 6 squares dancing to the featured callers, Jet Roberts amd Scott B3ennett, our own Randy Dibble and Scott Zinser from Oregon, and Ray Brendzy from Canada.  With such a line-up it wasn't any wonder we had six squares at times.  Overall, I just heard there were 802 registered for the festival.  This number is up from last year so it bodes well for the future.  I saw many younger people on the floor which also bodes well.


I had a terrific time and hope to go again next year.

Here are a few photos I took while resting on the sidelines in the Advanced Hall.

It was sad not to see Ian Craig calling for us this year.  He passed away suddenly earlier in January.  We were lucky to get Ray Brendzy to fill in his slots on the schedule.  But Ian will be greatly missed because he was the caller for the Silverton teen club along with Leonard Snodgrass who also passed away suddenly a while ago.

Gaynor Hintz

Club Reporter

January 2, 2024

EEAC New Year's Eve Dance

 Quite a few Single Trees attended the New year's Eve dance at the hall hosted by Roger Putzler and Christina Corelli and the rest of the CCCA callers and cuers who came from near and far.  dancers from Whirl-A-Ways, Spin cycle Squares and Single Trees were joined by lots of guests from out of town.  There were six squares on the floor to kick off the night with many more sitting and chatting with one another.  The hall was decorated even  more with sparkling garland, party hats, noise makers and poppers provided by Roger and Christina.  It was so exciting to enter the hall and see so many round dancers on the floor for pre-rounds.  Of course since the parking lot was so full we knew there would be lots of dancers inside.  


Roger and Christina did a fine job of calling and cueing as they always do.  They were joined by other CCCA callers and cuers.  There was a lot of food on the break bar and sparkling cider was on hand to toast in the new year using Chicago time at 10PM which was the time the dance was slated to end.  However, Roger wanted to do one more tip to ring in the new year properly.  What a fun time!  It has been awhile since we have seen six squares on the floor.  Let's hope this bodes well for the future of square dancing in our area.


December 26, 2023

 Our 4th Friday dance on the 22nd was our annual Christmas/Holiday dinner and dance which started off with a potluck including turkey and ham cooked by our vice president Melba Walker and her sister Joy Pitts, our president.  We were happy to see some of our members who no longer dance as well as some former members who no longer dance come out to join us for the feast and the camaraderie.  While many left after the dinner, two squares plus of dancers stayed to dance to K.C. Curtis's fine calling and Christina Corelli's fun cueing.  It was a great night of good cheer.  Here are some photos that Melba got of our caller and his taw Linda, our cuer, and some of our members.



In January we will hold two dances.  The first will be on the first Saturday.  It will be at new dancer level with Janet Geiger calling and Christina Corelli eueing.  We are hoping many new dancers from Roger's class will come join us for a fun night of dancing.  Roger plans to have them all dancing at mainstream level by the end of February. 


Our 3rd Friday dance will follow two weeks later.  Craig Abercrombie will be calling and cueing for us that night.  It's sure to be a fun night so please plan on joining us. 


The 4th Friday dance has been cancelled at that is  Mid-Winter Festival where we hope many Single Trees will be dancing and running into old friends from across the state and the Northwest.



December 16, 2023

Stuffed Toy Drive Dance Dec. 15

 Single Trees held our first dance of the month last night Dec. 15.  We had a stuffed toy drive to provide the stuffed toys to our local sheriff's department so that children in distress can be given something to cuddle and hold on to.  Dancers were happy to bring these toys and attend the dance with Craig Abercrombie calling and cueing.  He did a great job of mixing it up and keeping us on our toes.  He always chooses great music and of course it all had a holiday theme.  We had two squares on the floor right up until the last tip when we only had enough for one square on the floor.  Most of the dancers were Single Trees members with one couple from the Whirl-A-Ways, the Houtz's.  Thank you for attending.  Roy Houtz is taking over as Hall Vice President in the new year as well as president of the EEAC.  He and Wendy have always been active at the club and area levels and a big help with Mid-Winters.  We were delighted to see them as well as some Single Tree members we hadn't seen for a while due to physical injuries which prevented them from dancing.  The hall was decorated to the hilt first by Melba Walker's committee and then later Melba and her sister Joy, our president, kept adding more and more.  It was a Christmas wonderland by the time they finished.

Our next dance will be Friday, Dec. 22.  We will have a pre-dance dinner/potluck at 6:30 with the club providing ham and turkey, dressing as well as pies.  Please come join us if you are in the area.


Some of us will ring in the New Year with Roger Putzler and Christina Corelli at our still bedecked hall.  This dance will have the same hours as Single Trees--7:30 to 10PM.  They intend to toast the New Year at the 9 and 10PM hours on New York and Chicago time.  Party hats and poppers and sparkling cider will be provided.   It should be  a lot of fun. 


The first dance of the New Year 2024 will be on Saturday, Jan. 6 (Friday night was not available).  Janet Geiger will be calling at New Dancer level.  We hope we will have a good turnout of new dancers and those refreshing their skills.  Come join us, please! 


No photos as the photographer left her iPad at home.