April 6, 2020

A simple majority (meaning we are split almost 50/50) of our membership has expressed a desire to have Jim Hattrick as our caller throughout the year for our 4th Friday dances. 

Okay, that is well and good.  However, I believe that our membership is making a mistake in going this route.
For plus dancing on the 1st Friday of the month we have Roger Putzler.

For mainstream dances:

We currently have Sandy Harris calling for Wolf Pack.

Spin Cycle Squares has Tim Matteson.

Whirl-A-Ways has Mike Kious.

Lennie Ludiker is an unknown in the current equation.

Single Trees has been able to provide a top-notch caller with Jim on the 2nd Friday of the month and what we would consider some top-notch callers for the 4th Friday.  However, that scenario will disappear in September.

We can continue with Jim as our 4th Friday caller throughout the year.  However, this creates a rather routine program of callers in the local area year-round.  Many of our dancers don't travel outside the area very often, if at all anymore.  So, they only get to dance to the same callers throughout the year.
Single Trees schedule will be something like this:  (1) Sept, (2) Oct, (3) Nov, Dec/dark, Jan/dark, (4) Feb, (5) Mar, (6) April, May/dark, (7) June, (8) July, (9) August.                                         

We have an opportunity to retain Jim for let's say 4 or 5 of the 9 dances during the year.  And, then bring in a guest caller for variety at the other dances. Callers like Darrell Kalmbach, George Hermann, KC Curtis, Richard Lane, Jim Steele, Craig Abercrombie, Randy Dibble.  The variety would be good for our very local dancers and those from the surrounding area (Sweet Home, Roseburg, Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, etc.} that don't travel much. Who knows, perhaps even encourage a visitation or two.

I know what your numbers say.  I just wanted to present an alternative point of view.
Think this through.  Perhaps even talk about it.  But, before we (Gaynor and I) make that final decision this had to be said.

Larry Reetz
Club President

Please email Larry (larryreetz@gmail.com) and Gaynor (dancergayn@gmail.com) with your response.

March 15, 2020

Dear Single Trees and Friends of Single Trees,
The consensus of the Single Trees Executive Board is to go ahead and cancel our upcoming Single Trees dance on March 27th.
We'll take another look at the April schedule at the first of the month.
Larry Reetz
Single Trees Square Dance Club

March 12, 2020

Dear Fellow Dancers,
I am sorry to announce that tomorrow night's dance, our Luck of the Irish Dance, has been canceled along with the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays Whirl-A-Ways dances.  This is due to increased fear of the coronavirus which spreading throughout our state with confirmed cases in Polk, Linn, and Douglas Counties.
The lesson committee has decided to cancel all lessons for the rest of the spring but they will give the first six to 8 weeks to those members of the new class that return next fall.

Larry Reetz and I made an executive decision about tomorrow's dance as time was essential to get the word out but the board will decide about the 4th Friday dance.

Stay well and hunker down.  Enjoy the spring.  No reason to stay indoors; in fact, I've heard sunshine can kill the virus.  Let neighbors, family, and friends know if you need help.in any way.

Gaynor Hintz
Vice President
Single Trees Square Dance Club

Christina Corelli's Round Dance classes Monday nights also has been cancelled for March.
Some great photos of Eugene Opera rehearsing in our hall!

Meet Damien Geter

Portland-based bass-baritone Damien Geter makes his Eugene Opera debut in Tosca
Why do you think Tosca has been so popular for so long? What about it do you think stands the test of time?
There are certain elements in opera that make them timeless and relatable. Even though the stories are sometimes outrageous, audiences connect with the visceral emotion of the characters, the drama, and of course, the music. To put it plainly, Puccini knew how to write a melody.

Describe the show in 3 words?
Passion, murder, obsession.
What is your favorite moment to perform from the show? Why?

Well, I only sing in the beginning, but someday I hope to sing Scarpia. As for Angelotti, everyone remembers him since he sings first and has some good moments of real singing. Even though the part is small, it showcases the singer in a nice way.

What’s the most rewarding part of being in this show?
I've never been in Tosca, so I'm looking forward to getting to know it more.

What made you want to pursue a career in opera?
I sang as a child. I never thought I'd be an opera singer until my professor in college encouraged me. I really love opera. It's so vulnerable for all involved and is a wonderful conglomeration of all the arts.

What was the first opera you ever saw? Do you remember how the experience made you feel?
The first thing that was close to an opera that I saw was The Mikado. I don't remember much from it except I thought it was very colorful. The first REAL opera that I saw was Elektra believe it or not. That's when I thought… hm.. this is really something special.
Sunday night, the entire cast and chorus had their "room run" rehearsal. The room run is the final rehearsal before the show moves to the Hult Center for tech, costumes and full dress. 
March 13 and 15, 2020, Eugene Opera presents Giacomo Puccini's Tosca, a masterwork of the romantic Italian repertoire, at Silva Hall. The opera will transport you to 1940's Italy, where political unrest is brewing. The soaring melodies and rich orchestra scoring evoke the lengths to which one woman will go to save the man she loves.

March 10, 2020

This coming Friday March 13 we will hold our annual Luck of the Irish Dance and Potato Bar Dance.  Because we have changed our format we will have the potato bar before the dance from 7 to 7:30PM.  Then at 7:30 we will have plus with mainstream from 8-10PM. 

Jim Hattrick will be calling and Jackie Gale cueing so a fun night of dancing for all is in store.  Do be sure to wear a bit of green!

Members, it is election time so please be sure to vote on your slate of officers and the issues being presented which will have an effect on the future of our club. 
Also please don't forget to bring finger food to share with our guests.  A good idea was just brought to my attention:  an added measure to protect ourselves might be to individually wrap food at our dances so people can be assured they are not eating food someone might have inadvertently coughed or sneezed over.  We always have hand sanitizer available and all should be encouraged to use it if they haven't just washed their hands thoroughly.

Happy dancing everyone!  And stay well.

February 18, 2020

Not everyone is aware that our 4th Friday dance in Feb., the 28th, has been canceled.  The hall decided to rent out our facility to the Eugene Opera for a period of time from the end of February to around the 10th of March.  Most dances and activities have been canceled except there are no rehearsals on Saturday evening of the 29th so the CCCA/EEAC dance will b be held.  Please let your friends know who dance with us regularly or might be thinking of attending that particular day.

Our next dance will be "Luck of the Irish" with a potato bar at 7PM, dance at 7:30.

February 14, 2020

Hi Everyone,

As most of you are aware, Eugene Opera is renting the entire hall from February 27th through March 8th. There can be no other activities occurring in either hall during the scheduled rehearsal sessions. Activities are permitted before, between or after the rehearsal sessions. 

Below are a list of activities that are canceled or curtailed, and a list of activities that will go on as scheduled.

Thank you,

Randy Graboyes, President
Emerald Square Dance Center

2/28/2020 Single Trees Dance 
2/29/2020 Saturday Lessons 
3/1/2020 Spin Cycle Squares Dance
3/2/2020 Round Dance Lessons
3/3/2020 Clogging Lessons
3/6/2020 Buccaneers
3/7/2020 Saturday Lessons 

These events will be held as scheduled. 

2/29/2020 7:30pm-10:00pm CCCA/EEAC Dance
3/4/2020 4:00pm-8:00pm NextStep Dance
3/7/2020 7:30pm-10pm Wolf Pack Dance 
3/27/2020-3/3/2020 and 3/5/2020-3/7/2020
NextStep Dance is 5:00pm-7:00pm 

Eugene Opera is DARK Wednesday 3/4/2020