August 30, 2016

Single Trees September 2016 Dances

9th - Single Trees is holding a special FREE Celebration dance at the Emerald Square Dance Center to welcome Jim Hattrick as our caller for our first dance each month (second Friday). To ensure a good turnout, we decided to make this welcome dance free to all square dancers who attend. 7:30 pm starts with Plus, 8-10:30 pm is Mainstream and Rounds. Jackie Gale is our cuer. Please bring extra finger foods since we expect some visitors as well. This is going to be a wonderful celebration to start off the new dance year.

23rd - Fabulous 50s is the highlight of this dance. Craig Abercrombie and Al Frazier will be doing a calling duo. It should be a lot of fun. Jackie Gale is on tap for the cueing. All times are the same as above.

September 13th starts B51 square dance lessons with Sandy Harris doing the teaching. Please come and angel and bring some friends and family to learn to square dance. After the first 10 weeks the lessons will start all over again to give those who just learned a chance to solidify their dance skills and to help angel some new folks. At 8:30 the B51 "grads" will be given a half hour lessons after each dance to add some moves to bring them up to mainstream level.  There will be a B51 dance each month starting in November on Wednesdays.  Click on the lesson tab above for more information.  See you there!

August Dancers
Other September Dances:
2nd - 4th - Labor Day Plus Weekend, Mt. Hood Resort, Dan Preedy and Tami Helms.  Contact: Dora. (Registration) email:
2nd - 4th - Lebanon Square Circlers: Frank and Marianne’s Weekend Party, Silo Dance on Sunday with Charlotte Jeskey
3rd - Wolf Pack dance (ESDC), MS
9th - 11th - Wallowa Weekend, the Reids and Putzlers, callers
 9th - Alliance Plus Dance, Albany IOOF Hall, 7:30PM
10th - Whirl-A-Ways (ESDC), MS, 7:30 Plus, 8-10:30 MS, Kious / Corelli
12th - (Monday) Christina Corelli’s waltz lessons begin 7PM
16th - Salem Swingin’ Stars, 7:30 Plus, 8-10:30 MS
17th - Danebo Circle 8 (ESDC), MS, 7:30
17th - Lebanon Square Circlers, MS, IOOF hall, 7:30 pre-rounds, 8-10:30 squares – Jeskey / Gale
24th - Whirl-A-Ways - dark - (attending Cascade Camp out this weekend).