February 18, 2020

Not everyone is aware that our 4th Friday dance in Feb., the 28th, has been canceled.  The hall decided to rent out our facility to the Eugene Opera for a period of time from the end of February to around the 10th of March.  Most dances and activities have been canceled except there are no rehearsals on Saturday evening of the 29th so the CCCA/EEAC dance will b be held.  Please let your friends know who dance with us regularly or might be thinking of attending that particular day.

Our next dance will be "Luck of the Irish" with a potato bar at 7PM, dance at 7:30.

February 14, 2020

Hi Everyone,

As most of you are aware, Eugene Opera is renting the entire hall from February 27th through March 8th. There can be no other activities occurring in either hall during the scheduled rehearsal sessions. Activities are permitted before, between or after the rehearsal sessions. 

Below are a list of activities that are canceled or curtailed, and a list of activities that will go on as scheduled.

Thank you,

Randy Graboyes, President
Emerald Square Dance Center

2/28/2020 Single Trees Dance 
2/29/2020 Saturday Lessons 
3/1/2020 Spin Cycle Squares Dance
3/2/2020 Round Dance Lessons
3/3/2020 Clogging Lessons
3/6/2020 Buccaneers
3/7/2020 Saturday Lessons 

These events will be held as scheduled. 

2/29/2020 7:30pm-10:00pm CCCA/EEAC Dance
3/4/2020 4:00pm-8:00pm NextStep Dance
3/7/2020 7:30pm-10pm Wolf Pack Dance 
3/27/2020-3/3/2020 and 3/5/2020-3/7/2020
NextStep Dance is 5:00pm-7:00pm 

Eugene Opera is DARK Wednesday 3/4/2020 

February 11, 2020

U 020819 Birthday Cake 354.JPG

This coming Friday, Feb. 14 at the Emerald Square Dance Center we are hosting our 56th 
birthday and we're going to celebrate Jim Hattrick's return after surgery and recuperation in 
Dec. and Jan.  What fun we're going to have!  If we are lucky Jim will bring his friends down 
with him--Melissa James and Mark Wheeler.  Also, Jackie Gale will cue and perhaps join in 
the calling fun as well.

As per our normal schedule, we'll have
plus at 7:30 and mainstream with rounds from 8-10PM

No break but grazing from 8 to 10PM.

Announcements after the dance at 10.

Members, please bring some savory finger foods for those who don't like cake.

Also, your help will be appreciated to clean the kitchen and the hall after the dance is over.

Hope to see all of you in a square sometime during the evening.  Members who don't dance can come visit 
and have a piece of birthday cake.

Here's a blast from the past:  our 46th birthday cake.
L 021210 46th Birthday Cake.JPG
M 021111 Judy, Hope, Bob and Lois.JPG
This photo was taken at the 2011 birthday dance.  Sure would be fun to see this many out 
for this year's birthday dance.

This will be our one and only dance in February so please come join us!

February 7, 2020

The hall is not available to us for two Saturday classes.
Please note and share the location for these dates.

February 29th
New Life Church
in the gym behind the main building
2080 19th St.

March 7thNorthwood Christian Church
2425 Harvest Lane

ALSO, Whirl-A-Ways campout is March 26–29 so angels are desperately needed at the March 28 lesson. Please plan to attend and help out the new dancers.

February 4, 2020

I saw this information about "Hoedown Showdown! Old-Time Square Dance Extravaganza." It's coming up on March 7 at WOW Hall in Eugene. Here's a link to more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/530725357543277/

February 2, 2020

Dear Dancers,
Janet Geiger is calling an hour demo square dance, and Christina Corelli is cueing rounds at Waterford Grand. Saturday, February 22 from 10:15 - 11:15 A.M.

If you have western attire that would be awesome as it's their western days.
600 Waterford Way, Eugene, OR 97401

541-335-9315 for Janet and 541-521-6400 for Christina

They'd like enough dancers for a square plus please.

You may e-mail Christina or Janet to let them know as well.