July 3, 2011

Summer callers for July and August!

Bob Ewing is calling for our July 8th Red White & Blue Ice Cream Social and the August 26th Beach Party "Crazy T-shirt" dance.  As many of you know, Bob is the regular caller for Whirl-A-Ways who go dark for summer season.  He has become a very popular caller, traveling to a number of square dance conventions and special parties, besides his regular gig with the local group. He routinely gives square dance mainstream and plus lessons throughout the year and also volunteers with the Boy Scouts - and he has a day job!

Leonard Snodgrass Will be calling for our August 12th Watermelon Dance.  Leonard, who hails from Salem, calls for the Braves and Braids square dance club in McMinville, as well as the Sweet Home Squarenaders club.