November 6, 2011

Harvest Dances in November!

Nov. 11th - Western Round Up and Chili Feed - caller K.C. Curtis
K.C. has called for the Toe Draggers in Kinton, Oregon, just outside of Beaverton since 2006.  He has one of the nicest singing voices around and a good sense of humor. He also sings (and calls) in harmony with the Wild Cards.  We have all enjoyed K.C.'s calling in the past, so come out in full measure and enjoy a fun night of dancing; and wear your western gear if you have it!  We'll have a chili feed at the break.

Nov. 25th - the "after turkey" dance - caller Peter Wood
Nothing like a little square dancing to get you back in shape after the Thanksgiving feasting.  Peter will keep you moving and grooving to his fun dance tunes.  It's a fine thing to support our local callers and get together with square dance friends. Peter has called for Pioneers and Petticoats in Canyonville, Oregon but he lives just around the corner from us. He has also called at several of the U.S. West square dance conventions that many of us have had the privilege of attending. So come on out and move those feet!