January 22, 2012

Feb. 10th - Caller Les Seeley for Sweetheart 48th Birthday Dance

Join us when Les Seeley calls for our Feb. 10, 2012 sweetheart birthday dance.  Since 1990 he has been the primary caller for the River City Dancers in Milwaukie, Oregon.  Club members say that he is not only a good, patient and fun teacher, he is always an innovative caller.  He has been calling since 1987.  He is a favorite caller for many other clubs in Oregon.

Les called for two caller run clubs for many years -- the Columbians, a Plus level club in Portland, Oregon; and the Shadow Casters, an advanced level club.  The Seeleys continue to call regularly for the River City Dancers and have an all position / dance by definition group for Plus dancers known as the Diamond Cutters.  Les does lots of guest appearances for other clubs, time permitting, and calls regularly for the Tumbleweeds, Plus and, once each month for the B & Bs.  Les’ favorite thing in calling is singing with other caller friends.  Les is one of the founding members of The Crew which is Daryl Clendenin, Randy Dibble, Jim Hattrick and, himself.

We are looking forward to a wonderful Single Trees 48th Birthday dance. We invite members from other clubs to join us to celebrate our best dance of the year!

January 17, 2012

We're all going to Mid-Winter Festival

January 27-29, 2012:
This is the time of year when we all get together from the Emerald Area and sashay up to Albany to have a great time with lots of fellow square dancers.  Hope to see you all there.  Single Trees will be dark on January 27th for that reason. Find out more about the festival by clicking on the link below.
Mid-Winter Festival
Linn County Fairgrounds
Albany, Oregon

January 2, 2012

January 13, 2012 - Black Cat Dance and New Dancer Dance

Our Black Cat dance is lots of fun when the blacklight goes on and we dance with white gloves, or white shirts with most of our clothes being dark.  It is a challenge, but we only do it for a few dances.  I wonder if we will have the black cat wandering around between squares this year?  We hope all the new dancers show up and have a great time.
Our caller this time is Reneé Ruud from Oregon City.  We've had the pleasure of her wonderful voice when she came down with Les Seeley for our birthday dance last year.  She has called for the Bachelors and Bachelorettes, the Mix and Mingles in Tualatin, and co-called with Les Seeley and Randle Dibble at the USA West convention and has also co-called with Daryl Clendenin.  Reneé been co-teaching plus, basic and mainstream lessons for the River City Dancers, the club she belongs to. So come and dance your hearts out, support our new dancers, and have a great time with Reneé. I'm sure you'll be glad you did.