Dance Schedule

2019-20 Dance Schedule
Dances are 2nd and 4th Fridays and start with Plus at 7:30PM, Mainstream at 8:00PM alternating with Round Dance tips from 8 to 10:00PM. On 2nd Friday dances we have our club caller, Jim Hattrick, and on 4th Friday dances we have guest callers, so we have a lot of variety. Refreshments are available after 8PM.  There will be announcements after 10:00 as well as time to eat and converse with friends.

        28 -Canceled/DARK

Mar. 13 - Jim Hattrick/ Jackie Gale -  Luck of the Irish/Baked Potato Bar - 7PM; dance 7:30 - 10PM

        27 - Scott Zinser/ Jackie Gale

April 10 - Jim Hattrick/Jackie Gale - Spring Fling

        24 - Darrell Kalmbach/Christina Corelli

May   8 - George Hermann & Mike Kious/Gale - Combined Mexican Fiesta with Whirl-A-Ways

        22  DARK

June 12 - Hattrick/  Gale - Annual Reigning Cats and Dogs Benefit

        26 - Craig Abercrombie/ Jackie Gale

July 10 - Jim Hattrick/ Jackie Gale - Crazy T-Shirt Dance

       24 - Lennie Ludiker/ Jackie Gale

Aug. 14 Jim Hattrick/ Jackie Gale                   

        28 - Terry Halley/ Jackie Gale - Tropical Beach Party