August 31, 2014

September 2014 Square Dances

20th - Visitation to Salem click on tab above in navigation bar.

26th, Friday - Jim Hattrick will be calling and cueing for us the whole evening. We haven't had Jim down to Springfield for a long time - it will be nice to see him again and enjoy his longtime expertise. If you haven't danced to Jim in a long time, come on down. Oh heck - come on down anyway!

Check out our "Lessons" tab on the top menu to see what is coming up for beginners to square dancing, mainstream workshops, and plus lessons starting October 9th. And remember - all clubs - we need lots of angels to make this happen!

2013 Sock Hop dancers

August 6, 2014

August Dances 2014

Lennie Ludiker
8th - Watermelon dance! With Lennie Lukiker calling (we all enjoy dancing to Lennie's calling) and NancyAnn Nobles cuing (let her know what you'd like to dance to and she'll do her best). We'll be serving watermelon, and if any are left over - we'll give at least one away to the lucky ticket holder. This is the only dance in town this weekend - so come on over and enjoy. And remember - we have air conditioning and fans.

Terry Halley
22nd - Hawaiian Beach Party. Terry Halley calling and Sandy Harris cueing. This will be a good dance to end the "summer" months. And what a hot one we've had, for sure.
Sandy Harris


17th - Sunday - Potluck Picnic. Remember our Single Trees picnic at Suzanne's country property, noon to four.

29-31st - 4th National Singles Dance-A-Rama, Portland Oregon with seven national callers and three regional cuers. Couples are always welcome, but get your registrations in now!