April 24, 2011

May 13th Black Cat Dance Leonard Snodgrass Called

For our Friday the 13th dance, Leonard Snodgrass called for our "Black Cat Dance," one of his favorite themes.  We use black-light for some of the dances and dancers dance mostly in black with a little white, and white gloves if they have them.  It makes the dancing a little difficult sometimes, but a lot of fun.  No one dressed up as the "black cat" this time, but with his remote microphone, Leonard wandered around the dance floor, always surprising unsuspecting squares.  Everyone was really "glowing" and a had a good time.

Leonard, who hails from Salem, calls for the Braves and Braids square dance club in McMinville, as well as the Sweet Home Squarenaders club.

April 9, 2011

April 22nd Dudes and Dolls Dance with Roger Putzler

Roger was back to call for our western-style Dudes and Dolls dance.  Our dancers put on their best western-style outfits and and had a wonderful time with a caller that has a wealth of experience.

Roger lives in Albany, Oregon and calls for the Independence Wagon Wheelers in Rickreall and the Buccaneers (PLUS) in Eugene/Springfield, as well as doing guest calling throughout the State of Oregon. Roger has called in 14 states and recently was a feature caller at the Yuma Festival in Yuma, AZ.  Roger had been dancing and calling since 1959, and recently was awarded a 50 Year Calling Certificate from Callerlab. He calls from Beginners thru Plus and is a Caller Coach.

Square Dance Video

This video is of a Single Trees Square Dance in 2011 Caller is Les Seeley with Renee Ruud.