May 10, 2021

Hi, Single Tree members and friends.

I am pleased to announce that we are back to dancing at the Emerald Square Dance Center at 2095 Yolanda in Springfield as of Friday, May 14.  Jim Hattrick who  normally calls our 4th Friday dances is not available for live calling until this coming fall so Scott Zinser, who is a great caller, has kindly agreed to call our first dance of the 2020-21 dance season.  We decided to dance on this second Friday as the 4th Friday falls on Memorial Day weekend, traditionally a weekend reserved for remembrance and families gathering for camp-outs and such.  Our fantastic cuer, Jackie Gale, will cue for us.  Plus starts at 7:30PM and mainstream goes from 8 until 10PM.  We ask everyone to wear masks and to bring food and drink only for themselves and not to share.  Thus there will be no breaks.  If you are uncertain about whether we are dancing, please call Gaynor at (541) 741-4149 to make sure.

In June on the 25th, George Hermann will call for us.   We love George and look forward to seeing him then.

In August Darrell Kalbach will call for us the 4th Friday.  Darrell is a terrific caller and we will enjoy dancing to him.

As always in these very uncertain times with COVI-19 rates going up and down weekly be sure to find out for sure if we are dancing and stay safe.

Happy Dancing, everyone!

Gaynor HIntz

Vice President of Single Trees