December 5, 2013

December 2013 Square Dances

Dec. 13th (Friday night) - Christmas Potluck and Dance! George Hermann will be calling the squares (7:30 starts with plus and changes to mainstream at 8 pm) and Christina Corelli will be cueing the rounds. We will have door prizes and a split-the-pot for this festive dance.

The potluck will be at 6:30 pm with ham and rolls provided by our club.  If everyone who attends can bring a potluck dish to share, that will be wonderful. We'll need salads, veggies, and potato, noodle, or rice dishes to round out the meal. Cold veggies and dips are also good. Desserts and finger foods will be good for the break, later in the dance. (Come by 6:20 pm to bring the food for the potluck so we can finish setting up.)
Holiday dance 2012
George Hermann has called for us for the last few Christmas dances we've had and always has lots of holiday songs.  Christina Corelli will dazzle us with her Christmas dance selections and keep us happily twirlling through the evening.

Dec. 27th (Friday night) - New Year's Resolution dance with KC Curtis calling the square dance tips and NancyAnn Nobles cueing the rounds. Plus starts at 7:30 pm, mainstream and rounds at 8:00 pm. See you there!

Dec 31st - New Year's Eve Dance sponsored by Danebo Circle 8 - free dance. Caller is Roger Putzler and cuer is Christina Corelli. Bring pie for the break. Dance starts at 8:30 pm. For more information contact: Kirby or Christina, Phone:  (541) 688-0711, e-mail  sqdnc(at)