May 30, 2015

June 2015 Dances

May Dance
12th, Fri., Single Trees, 7:30 pm plus, 8:00 pm mainstream – Reigning Cats and Dogs – Benefit for Greenhill Humane Society –  K. C. Curtis/ Jackie Gale.

Dollars, checks, blankets, pet food, pillows, etc., are all welcome donations to this annual event. It is a fun dance and we also help our furry friends. (You can always call Greenhill to see what they might need in supplies.)

26th, Fri., Single Trees, 7:30 plus, 8-10:30 pm mainstream – Scott Zinser / Christina Corelli. 
Single Trees swirl to the beat

Other Dances:
5th, Fri., Buccaneers, plus, 7:30 - 10:00 pm – Roger Putzler/Christina Corelli
Salem Swingin’ Stars, 7:30PM plus, 8-10:30PM mainstream

6th, Sat., Danebo Circle 8, 7:30 rounds, 8:00 pm mainstream – Roger Putzler/Christina Corelli

6th, Sat., Lebanon Strawberry Festival Dance, mainstream – Randy Dibble/Jackie Gale. Strawberry shortcake will be available at the break.

7th, Sun., The Crew at the ESDC sponsored by the Whirl-A-Ways, 1:30 pm rounds, 2:00 - 4:30 pm mainstream

12-14th, Buckeroo Round Up – 3 day event – Featured caller and cuer: Scott and Erin Byars

Single Trees spring bonnet dance

13th, Sat., Whirl-A-Ways, plus 7:30 pm, 8:00 pm mainstream

14th, Sun., Wildlife Safari Benefit Dance, Linda Putzler, our CCCA president, is in charge. Kirby Goode and Roger Putzler are in charge of sound/equipment  Linda is working with folks down south. This is a fun way to help Wildlife Safari. They've been allowing us to tour the park afterwards as a thank you.The park is outside of Winston which is southwest of Roseburg.

19th, Fri., Salem Swingin’ Stars, 7:30 pm plus, 8-10:30 pm mainstream

Christina cues at spring bonnet dance
20th, Sat., Danebo Circle 8, 7:30 pm rounds, 8:00 pm mainstream – Guest Caller / Christina Corelli

27th, Sat., Whirl-A-Ways, 7:30 plus, 8:00 pm mainstream, Pie and Ice Cream Social – Hawaiian theme- all singing calls