February 28, 2017

Single Trees March 2017 Square Dances

March 10th - Jim Hattrick will be calling for our "Baked Potato Feed" Irish themed dance. We will have baked potatoes supplied by our club with all the toppings supplied by members and anyone else who would like to bring their favorite one. So wear your green and let's have a "shamrocking" good time! Plus at 7:30 pm, rounds and mainstream starting at 8 pm.  Jackie Gale is cueing the rounds. Wonder what new fun dances she will have up her "green" sleeves.

March 24th - KC Curtis is the caller for this dance. It's always a fun time when KC visits our club as a guest caller. Looking forward to a good time with great rhythms and his "Do you remember this??? questions."

Our club cuer, Jackie Gale will be there with her terrific round dance cueing. We are so lucky to have her!

Other Dances:  Visitations on March 4th and April 1st are planned. Click on the "Visitation" tab in the menu bar for more information.

February 1, 2017

Single Trees February 2017 Dances

Feb 10th, Friday - Sweetheart of a 53rd Birthday Dance.  Our caller, Jim Hattrick will celebrate our year with us with hearts and flowers dances. Be there at 7:30 pm for plus, then join our cuer, Jackie Gale for a few rounds before we start mainstream just after 8 pm. Our club will provide ice cream and cake at the break around 9:30 pm. Then stay on to dance until 10:30 pm. It should be a good evening for all.

Feb. 24th, Friday - Craig Abercrombie will be our guest caller for the evening. Jackie Gale will have us swinging with her great round dance cues. What a month we will have - two really excellent callers. You can't ask for more than that! Come and join us!

Break time during our birthday dance.