November 6, 2011

Harvest Dances in November!

Nov. 11th - Western Round Up and Chili Feed - caller K.C. Curtis
K.C. has called for the Toe Draggers in Kinton, Oregon, just outside of Beaverton since 2006.  He has one of the nicest singing voices around and a good sense of humor. He also sings (and calls) in harmony with the Wild Cards.  We have all enjoyed K.C.'s calling in the past, so come out in full measure and enjoy a fun night of dancing; and wear your western gear if you have it!  We'll have a chili feed at the break.

Nov. 25th - the "after turkey" dance - caller Peter Wood
Nothing like a little square dancing to get you back in shape after the Thanksgiving feasting.  Peter will keep you moving and grooving to his fun dance tunes.  It's a fine thing to support our local callers and get together with square dance friends. Peter has called for Pioneers and Petticoats in Canyonville, Oregon but he lives just around the corner from us. He has also called at several of the U.S. West square dance conventions that many of us have had the privilege of attending. So come on out and move those feet!

October 4, 2011

October Dances are Fall Festive!

14th - Octoberfest Dance and a Food Drive, with caller Mike Halley, one of the Wild Cards.  He has a really good singing voice! Hot dogs and all the fixings will be served.  We ask members to bring canned food that the club will donate to FOOD for lane County.

28th - Halloween Party Dance, with caller Scott Zinser who called for our Sock Hop in September. We often have some very interesting costumes and a few prizes for some of the best ones.

29th - Cascade Callers and Cuers will have a Halloween Dance as well at our hall, making it a double-header weekend to stretch your imaginations and drag another costume out of the closet.

August 29, 2011

September Dances and Callers - 2011

9th -   Terry Halley from Gresham was the caller.
He is a member of the square dance callers group the "Wild Cards" composed of KC Curtis, Mike Halley and himself who call in harmony.  This fall the other members of the group will call at our club.

23rd - School Daze Sock Hop, Caller: Scott Zinser from Portland.  
Scott is a "regular" on the circuit of clubs in neighboring Oregon and southern Washington cities. He has called for clubs in Tacoma, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene/Springfield, Roseburg, Grants Pass, Medford, Redmond, Bend, Prineville, Coos Bay, Port Orford, Toledo, Rickreall, Seaside, and Yreka. He travels from 8,000 to 9,000 miles per year around Oregon to dances. Scott has been on the program at Oregon's Summer Festival and Mid-Winter Festival for many years. He also attends and calls at Central Oregon Round-up each year. Besides all that, he has been the caller on a number of parade floats in Oregon, including General Canby Days in Canby, the Rose Festival Star-Light Parade in Portland, and the Grape Festival in Milwaukie. And, he was also the caller for "International Showcase of Dancing" held in Portland each year for several years.

July 3, 2011

Summer callers for July and August!

Bob Ewing is calling for our July 8th Red White & Blue Ice Cream Social and the August 26th Beach Party "Crazy T-shirt" dance.  As many of you know, Bob is the regular caller for Whirl-A-Ways who go dark for summer season.  He has become a very popular caller, traveling to a number of square dance conventions and special parties, besides his regular gig with the local group. He routinely gives square dance mainstream and plus lessons throughout the year and also volunteers with the Boy Scouts - and he has a day job!

Leonard Snodgrass Will be calling for our August 12th Watermelon Dance.  Leonard, who hails from Salem, calls for the Braves and Braids square dance club in McMinville, as well as the Sweet Home Squarenaders club.

June 18, 2011

Abercrombie called for June 24th dance

Craig Abercrombie hadn't called for us for over a year due to scheduling difficulties, but he called for us on June 24th.  Craig has an upbeat style with precision calling, and our dancers rarely missed a beat.  It was definitely a fun time for all. Love his music!

Craig currently calls more than 200 nights a year across the United States and Canada.  Craig is past president of the North Willamette Callers & Cuers Association.  He is a recording artist and has recorded for Rawhide-Buckskin Records and previously recorded for Cascade Records.

May 29, 2011

May 27th - Fun Dance Memorial Day Weekend!

Lennie Ludiker was back from the desert to call for our May 27th dance.    Lennie has been a regular caller for Boots and Sandals in Cottage Grove.  He has an easy style with a good command of calling.  It's always a pleasure to dance to Lennie's tunes.  The video is a sample of his calling.

April 24, 2011

May 13th Black Cat Dance Leonard Snodgrass Called

For our Friday the 13th dance, Leonard Snodgrass called for our "Black Cat Dance," one of his favorite themes.  We use black-light for some of the dances and dancers dance mostly in black with a little white, and white gloves if they have them.  It makes the dancing a little difficult sometimes, but a lot of fun.  No one dressed up as the "black cat" this time, but with his remote microphone, Leonard wandered around the dance floor, always surprising unsuspecting squares.  Everyone was really "glowing" and a had a good time.

Leonard, who hails from Salem, calls for the Braves and Braids square dance club in McMinville, as well as the Sweet Home Squarenaders club.

April 9, 2011

April 22nd Dudes and Dolls Dance with Roger Putzler

Roger was back to call for our western-style Dudes and Dolls dance.  Our dancers put on their best western-style outfits and and had a wonderful time with a caller that has a wealth of experience.

Roger lives in Albany, Oregon and calls for the Independence Wagon Wheelers in Rickreall and the Buccaneers (PLUS) in Eugene/Springfield, as well as doing guest calling throughout the State of Oregon. Roger has called in 14 states and recently was a feature caller at the Yuma Festival in Yuma, AZ.  Roger had been dancing and calling since 1959, and recently was awarded a 50 Year Calling Certificate from Callerlab. He calls from Beginners thru Plus and is a Caller Coach.

Square Dance Video

This video is of a Single Trees Square Dance in 2011 Caller is Les Seeley with Renee Ruud.