January 1, 2017

January 2017 Single Trees dances

from our Christmas dance 2016
January 13th will bring our Snow-fest dance, held at the B51 level for all the dancers to enjoy. In our joint clubs dance lessons we are getting learners to be comfortable at the B51 level and adding the rest of the mainstream moves following regular lessons as they are ready to move on. So, we have a good number of dancers at the B51 level. 

We know that Jim Hattrick will do us proud getting our new dancers to have a good time at that level of dancing. So bring your new dancers and join us for a fun time.

January 18th is another B-51 dance hosted by the Wolf Pack for all those taking lessons who have taken those 10 weeks and know all those moves.  We invite our members and members of other clubs to join them and welcome them to our square dance community. The dance starts at 7 pm and goes until 9 pm. Sandy Harris will do the calling.

from our Christmas dance 2016 with Jim Hattrick calling
Mid-Winter Festival Jan 27th - 29th at the Fairgrounds in Albany.  Single Trees will be dark that night to attend the festival of square and round dancing.