October 3, 2016

Single Trees Square Dances - October 2016

14th, Fri. - Single Trees - Jim Hattrick/Jackie Gale, 7:30 Plus, 8-10:30 mainstream with round dance tips. Our 2nd Friday dance in September was wonderful. I wonder if Jim can top that one? We expect another really, really good dance. So come out and join us and have a lot of fun. We always do.

28th, Fri. - Single Trees Halloween Dance - Scott Zinser/Jackie Gale, 7:30 Plus, 8-10:30 mainstream with round dance tips.  Come to our always fun costume dance. Prizes will be awarded in several categories. What kinds of Halloween finger foods can you think of to bring to this dance!

This month's other dances and activities:

6th, Thurs. - Plus lessons begin with Roger Putzler at  at ESDC, 7PM
7th, Fri. - Buccaneers (at ESDC), Plus, Putzler/Corelli
7th, Fri. - Salem Swingin’ Stars, Plus 7:30, 8-10:30 MS
8th, Sat. - Corvallis Squares, MS – Jeskey caller & Cuer, 7PM
8th, Sat. - Sweet Home Squarenaders, MS
8th, Sat. - Timber 8’s (Roseburg), Plus, Roger Putzler / Neil Koozer, Halloween!
8th, Sat. - Whirl-A-Ways (at ESDC), MS
14th, Fri. - Alliance Plus Dance, Albany IOOF Hall, Voll/Harris
15th, Sat. - Danebo Circle 8 (at ESDC), MS – Bruce Lowther/Russell
15th, Sat. - Lebanon Square Circlers, MS, IOOF Hall. Black Light Dance, Jeskey / Gale
16th, Sun. - Cast A Shadows & Spin Cycle Squares (at ESDC) present Richard Lane A-2 and C-1 levels
21st, Fri. - Salem Swingin’ Stars, Plus 7:30, MS 8-10:30
22nd, Sat. - Whirl-A-Ways (at ESDC), MS
28th weekend - *Rosetown Ramblers Scares and Squares Weekend, Mike Kellogg, Gary Monday and Bronc Wise (se OFN flyer for more detail)
28th-30th weekend - A Touch of Magic Round Dance weekend, Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, Craig Cowan and Maryann Callahan at the Square Dance Center, Medford
29th, Sat. - EECA (at ESDC), 5th Sat. Dance, Halloween Dance (This will be our visitation dance for Single Trees. Can't get enough of that costume fancy.)
30th, Sun. - Fundraiser for and at the ESDC: A mystery play to be performed from 2-4:30 pm called “Who Put Their Paws on Claus?” by Judith Niems, $5.00 admission. Tickets at the door with an intermission of fab desserts before the final act.

We had a crowd at the free dance!