June 4, 2017

Single Trees July - August 2017 Dance Schedule

July Dance: (Casual)

14th - Red, White, and Blue - Ice Cream Social. Jim Hattrick calling, and Jackie Gale cueing. This is most likely the only square dance in town, so come and enjoy.

July 28th - Dark

August Dances: (Casual)

11th - Hawaiian Luau with Jim Hattrick calling and Jackie Gale cueing. How about some Hawaiian themed finger foods. And don't everyone bring pineapple like last year!! Some of those Hawaiian chips are calling my name. Hope to see you there. Remember, we have air conditioning, so beat the heat and dance away with your nimble (or not so nimble) feet.

25th - End of Summer Dance - What a treat! Come and welcome Les Seeley for his visit to come and call for us all the way from the southwest! Jackie Gale will will be our cuer, and I'm sure she will have some great songs for summer rounds.  See you there. Celebrate!

Special Dances during the Summer:

July 14-16th, Oregon Summer Festival, Blanchet School, Salem, OR, with three halls and wood floors. Featured caller is Johnny Preston.

July 19-22nd, 44th Annual Diamond Lake Festival, Eric Henerlau & Wayne Weaver, callers; TJ Chadd, cuer

August 11-12th, Central Oregon Round Up in Sisters, OR. MS and Plus, with Jett Roberts / Chuck & Sandy Weiss