November 6, 2013

November 2013 Dances

Nov. 8th: Veterans Remembrance Day Dance
Terry Halley is our caller for the evening. As most of you know, Terry also calls with "the Wild Cards" and at local festivals and for other clubs and has a really good singing voice and great patter.

Sandra Pinion is our cure for the evening and will cue level 2 rounds as well as intermediate rounds interspersed throughout the evening and at the beginning of break time.

We are still accepting cans of food and donations for Food for Lane County. Come fill the barrel!

Nov. 22nd: Western Roundup and Chilli Feed
Bruce Lowther will be calling this dance. He makes us MOVE!  When selecting his music, Bruce likes faster, up tempo music (foot tappers) and gravitates to pop country, vintage rock’n roll, Latin songs, and musicals. From 2001-07 Lowther called for the Silver City Squares in Silverton, Oregon. The Albany Timber Twirlers were blessed when he started calling for them in 2003 and he still calls for them and the Silver Spinners.  He is a member of the Capital Callers and Cuers Association and has been a member of Callerlab since 1995.

Sharon Greenman will be our cuer for the evening.  She cues for other local clubs in our area and I'm sure you've all round danced to the catchy tunes she spins. She started Square Dancing in 1979, then began cueing for Round Dances in 1989. She is a member of Roundalab, the International association of Round Dance Cuers;  Oregon Round Dance Teachers Association;  and the Cascade Callers and Cuers Association. She has cued for many clubs through the years and currently for the Oregon Timber Twirlers in Albany, and Whirl-a-Ways in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon.