February 1, 2017

Single Trees February 2017 Dances

Feb 10th, Friday - Sweetheart of a 53rd Birthday Dance.  Our caller, Jim Hattrick will celebrate our year with us with hearts and flowers dances. Be there at 7:30 pm for plus, then join our cuer, Jackie Gale for a few rounds before we start mainstream just after 8 pm. Our club will provide ice cream and cake at the break around 9:30 pm. Then stay on to dance until 10:30 pm. It should be a good evening for all.

Feb. 24th, Friday - Craig Abercrombie will be our guest caller for the evening. Jackie Gale will have us swinging with her great round dance cues. What a month we will have - two really excellent callers. You can't ask for more than that! Come and join us!

Break time during our birthday dance.