Sandy Harris, caller
Current class of Square Dance Lessons (Basic 51) begins Tuesday, Sept. 26th, 2017 for a 10 week class. There will be two more 10 week sessions following this. Lessons start at 7:00 pm.

Lessons are held at the Emerald Square Dance Center in Springfield on Yolanda Street. Bring a friend and get moving! Affordable fun for $3 per person (to defer the cost of hall rental and instructor). There's a lot to learn, but the lessons are fun and long-time square dancers join in to make the learning easier. And as always, we need experienced dancers as angels from all the local clubs which is a great help for the new dancers to learn.

After the Basic 51 class, starting at 8:30 until 9:00 pm, we will be adding lessons beyond the basic moves to complete the series for mainstream square dancing. Those completing the first 10 weeks can join this 30 minute session. It is suggested that you take the second series of the basic 51 again to solidify your knowledge and then add the extra 30 minutes. These lessons will be led by caller Sandy Harris..

Enjoy the air conditioned room (if needed) and the cushioned wood floor.

First Dance Lesson
Lessons are sponsored by three clubs this year (Single Trees,  Whirl-A-Ways, and Wolf Pack).

The Emerald Square and Round Dance Center is located at 2095 Yolanda, Springfield, Oregon.

Roger Putzler
If you want to review your square dance moves, go to: the square dance videos.

Added Note: PLUS lessons will be on Thursdays beginning in October. These are led by caller Roger Putzler.  Experienced angels needed for this level, too.