November 8, 2014

November 2014 Dances

Sandy Harris, caller and cuer
Nov 14 - Veterans' Remembrance Dance with Sandy Harris calling and cueing. If you have photos of veterans in your family or friends you would like to display, please bring them along. We will have a table set up for them. Members, finger foods are much appreciated for the break.

Nov 28 - Chili Feed with Craig Abercrombie calling and cueing. Single Trees members please bring topping items to accompany the chili as well as desserts or other finger foods.

Heads up for the upcoming Dec. 12 Christmas/Holiday Dance with George & Patty Hermann calling and cueing. There will be a dinner potluck, probably 6:30 pm - time to be confirmed on that. Dance starts at 7:30 pm.

Other dances:

Nov 8th, Sat. - Sweet Home Squarenaders turkey dinner and dance Hattrick/Gale. This is a Single Trees visitation dance. Early signup and pay was $10 each, now it is $15 at the door for dinner and dance.

Nov 29th, Sat., Cascade Callers and Cuers Association (CCCA) will host a New Dancer Dance. 7:30 - Pre-Rounds, 8:00 - New Dancer Dance, Casual dress. We invite you to bring your new dancers to come and have FUN! Sandy and Chuck Eddings, members of CCCA, are coordinating this dance.  Members of CCCA will be calling and cueing.  Others are certainly welcome to call/cue.

The costume winners of the Halloween Dance at Single Trees:
Costum winners were: Gaynor, Joy, Shirley, John, and Art

October 1, 2014

October Dances 2014

from Summer 2014
Oct. 10th - K.C. Curtis calling and Jackie Gale cueing. (She'll be our club caller starting Sept. 2015.) We will also begin our Food for Lane County drive. A barrel will be at the hall - let's fill it up!
Oct. 24th - Halloween dance with Dale Roberson calling and Christina Corelli cueing. Dale was our club caller from 1986 to 1996 and is every bit as good as he was back then. He may opt to do some of his fantastic yodeling if he is so inclined. Costumes are optional, but check out some of these from years past!

Reminder: Click "Lessons" tab on the top menu to see what is coming up for beginners and intermediates in square dancing, mainstream workshops, and plus lessons starting October 7th. And remember - all clubs - we need lots of angels to make this happen! Also check out "Round dance" for lesson information.
Round dancing at our "Crazy T-Shirt & Suspenders" dance

And ... Christina Corelli will be cueing for an All Level Round Dance Party, casual dress, on October 31st! Dancing begins at 7:00 pm at the Emerald Dance Center, as usual.

August 31, 2014

September 2014 Square Dances

Chuck & Julie
12th, Friday - Sock Hop with Chuck Garner calling and Julie Stiers cueing. Wear your 50's outfits or square dance attire. We should be hopping and bopping the whole evening. We always have a great time with Chuck and Julie, so make sure you make this a "must do" for this weekend. And all you ST members be sure to bring some finger foods to entertain our guests.

20th - Visitation to Salem click on tab above in navigation bar.

26th, Friday - Jim Hattrick will be calling and cueing for us the whole evening. We haven't had Jim down to Springfield for a long time - it will be nice to see him again and enjoy his longtime expertise. If you haven't danced to Jim in a long time, come on down. Oh heck - come on down anyway!

Check out our "Lessons" tab on the top menu to see what is coming up for beginners to square dancing, mainstream workshops, and plus lessons starting October 9th. And remember - all clubs - we need lots of angels to make this happen!

2013 Sock Hop dancers

August 6, 2014

August Dances 2014

Lennie Ludiker
8th - Watermelon dance! With Lennie Lukiker calling (we all enjoy dancing to Lennie's calling) and NancyAnn Nobles cuing (let her know what you'd like to dance to and she'll do her best). We'll be serving watermelon, and if any are left over - we'll give at least one away to the lucky ticket holder. This is the only dance in town this weekend - so come on over and enjoy. And remember - we have air conditioning and fans.

Terry Halley
22nd - Hawaiian Beach Party. Terry Halley calling and Sandy Harris cueing. This will be a good dance to end the "summer" months. And what a hot one we've had, for sure.
Sandy Harris


17th - Sunday - Potluck Picnic. Remember our Single Trees picnic at Suzanne's country property, noon to four.

29-31st - 4th National Singles Dance-A-Rama, Portland Oregon with seven national callers and three regional cuers. Couples are always welcome, but get your registrations in now!

July 7, 2014

July 2014 Dances

Richard Lane
12th, Sat. - A VERY special (yes, Saturday) Single Trees Freedom Dance and Ice Cream Social with Richard Lane calling and Jackie Gale cueing. You may not know Richard Lane, but he is a 13-year veteran of the national circuit who started calling 31 years ago as a dare. He moved to Oregon in 2012 and lives in Portland.  He is an excellent caller, fast-paced, clear-voiced, funny and witty with a great singing voice.  He has a website online and calls in the Portland area as much as he can. He also calls with Randy Dibble for plus and advanced weekends. This will be a very special dance. And I'm sure you've all heard Jackie Gale's really good cueing. You all come now and leave room for ice cream.

25th, Fri. - Single Trees dance with Charlotte Jeskey calling and cueing - and that is a real treat. We danced to her the first Friday of the Strawberry Festival - so if you missed it, come on over to ESDC.

John & Shirley love rounds
At the ESDC:
26th, Sat. - Round Dance Party, 7 pm, $5
Christina Corelli - Cuer
[Emerald Dance Center, 2095 Yolanda, Springfield, OR]

Christina says: "I've asked ORDTA cuers to bring some dances and dancers to the party.  It's all levels.  If you dance two-step or waltz at the beginner level then this party is for you.  If you dance cha cha or other rumbas then this party is for you too.  The only requirement is to come with a SMILE! The hall is air conditioned and has a cushioned wood floor.  Casual dress is fine.  Even with air conditioning July's weather can be sticky and hot.  Dressing up is just too hot!  Come casual and comfy!"
Goodies welcome but certainly not required.  We just want people to come and have a good time!

June 3, 2014

June 2014 dances

13th, Fri. - Single Trees Crazy T-Shirt and Suspenders Dance with Renee Ruud as caller and NancyAnn Nobles as cuer. This was a very fun dance! Thanks Lois for this fun collage.

Neil Koozer, cuer

27th, Fri. - Single Trees dance with K.C. Curtis as caller and Neil Koozer as cuer - a couple of favorites on the calling and cueing scene. Don't miss them!

at ESDC:

More plus workshops by Roger Putzler: 7 pm to 8:30 pm. $5 each. He is planning to work on all positions Plus. Dates are June 3rd and17th; and July 1st, 15th (Cancelled), and 29th. There were two full squares on the 3rd, so come early or bring others with you and make it three or four squares. We can all learn something new and help others at the same time.

Other Dances and Festivals in June:

19-20th - Oregon Summer Festival, Crook County Middle School, Prineville OR – Bob Jones/Randy Dibble, calling/ Mary Ann Callahan/Jonathan Wood cueing.

April 30, 2014

May 2012 Dances

Thank You!
4th - Sunday! Special Plus Dance from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm and then "A" from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. "C" star tip at 4:00 pm. Caller for the dance is Dan Preedy - a national caller - we are lucky. Dance is sponsored by Cast-a-Shadow and Single Trees. This dance is $6 per person.

9th - Mexican Fiesta, caller - Roger Putzler; cuer - Sharon
Greenman (This Friday evening dance is sponsored by  the Single Trees and the Whirl-A-Ways.) Taco bar at break time! Remember related finger foods to help out. And dance in your fiesta, festive best.

Abercrombie calling
23rd - Annual Reigning Cats & Dogs Dance & Fundraiser for
Greenhill, caller & cuer - Craig Abercrombie.

Bring checks, cash, or blankets, towels, dog/cat food, etc., for the Fundraiser if you'd like to contribute. We were able to raise a nice amount last year for Greenhill, and we donated some items that were needed as well. Hope we can do even better this year to help out those furry orphans.

And, I think, sitting on the refreshment table just might be that kitty litter cake we are all fond of - but this is just a rumor … so, remember your finger foods.

Other Dances:

Dessert Social Dance was a big success!

17th - Saturday! EEAC Mystery Bus Trip. Sign up and get your money in before the 10th or 12th. Check with Judy for particulars.

30th - Friday - Boots and Sandals Birthday Dance at the ESDC, 7:30 pre-rounds with Sharon Greenman, mainstream with every 3rd tip plus with Lennie Ludiker.

June 1st - Sunday - The Crew with round dance at 1:30 and mainstream from 2:00 to 4:30 pm at this special afternoon dance at the ESDC sponsored by the Whirl-A-Ways.