January 10, 2020

I'm new to this ...

Hi all. This is Lin, and I have taken on trying to keep this site up to date. I'm pretty new at this and I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet, so please be patient while I learn the ropes. If you have any photos or news you would like to see here send me an email and I'll get it posted as soon as I can. My email is jnkmls999@gmail.com. Wish me luck! LOL

Dance schedule changes

There have been some changes to our 2020 dance schedule. Here's the updated info:

  2019-2020 Single Trees Dance Schedule

Jan. 10            Roger Putzler/ Christina Corelli     New Dancer Dance
       24            DARK FOR MID-WINTER

Feb. 14           Jim Hattrick/ Jackie Gale   Sweetheart of a 56th Birthday                 
        28        Canceled/ DARK

Mar. 13          Jim Hattrick/ Jackie Gale     Luck of the Irish/Baked Potato Bar
         27          Scott Zinser/ Jackie Gale

April 10          Jim Hattrick/Jackie Gale                Spring Fling
       l 24       Darrell Kalmbach/Christina Corelli

May 8         George Hermann & Mike Kious/Gale      Combined Mexican Fiesta
        22        DARK

June 12     Hattrick/  Gale                      Annual Reigning Cats and Dogs Benefit
        26      Craig Abercrombie/ Jackie Gale

July 10       Jim Hattrick/ Jackie Gale          Crazy T-Shirt Dance
       24       Lennie Ludiker/ Jackie Gale

Aug. 14     Jim Hattrick/ Jackie Gale           
         21     Terry Halley/ Jackie Gale          Tropical Beach Party

Sept.  11     TBA
          25      Richard Lane?


 (Updated  11/23/19)

November 24, 2019

  1. Our Western Hoedown/Chili Feed on Nov. 22 was  really fun.  We reverted to our former schedule taking a formal break mid-way to have homemade chili and cornbread made by various members.  There was some homemade cobbler (peach and blueberry) for dessert along with other cakes and cookies.  Thank you, members, for all your hard work.  Darrell Kalmbach came down to call for us along with his wife Erin.  Erin won the split the pot and was elated.   Darrell called a great dance keeping us on our toes all night.  We are already looking forward to having him call next April. Jackie cued her best as always and had lots of round dancers on the floor.
Lana, Harry, Shriley, John, Margaret and Roger

 Darrell Kalmbach on stage, Margaret, Roger, Betty and Harry speaking to Darrell
A big thank you to the square: Randy, Susan, John Dilg

November 13, 2019

On Nov. 22 Single Trees will have our Western Hoedown and Chili Feed reverting to our schedule of 7:30 to 10:30 wit a formal break at 9:15 to eat chili made by some of our members.  Darrell Kalmbach will be our guest caller that night and Jackie Gale will cue the round dance tips.   Plus starts at 7:30PM and mainstream at 8:00PM. It should be a fun dance so please come join us.

Dec. 10 we will have our annual Christmas Dinner and Dance.  At 6:30 we will all sit down to a potluck dinner provided by our members and guests with the club providing ham and rolls.  Jim Hattrick will be calling that night with Jackie Gale cueing.  The hall will be resplendent with the holiday decorations many of them provided by Joy Pitts.  Members you may find your face on one of the tree ornaments, an idea that Joy Pitts came up with several years ago.  Plus starts at 7:30PM and mainstream from 8-10:00PM.

After Christmas on Dec. 27 K.C. Curtis will call our 4th Friday dance for us with Jackie Gale cueing.  We are hoping many dancers will want to dance off those holiday calories with us so please come join us for a fun evening of square and round dancing.

We had a very successful Halloween dance with George Hermann calling.  He had on a very elegant pirate's costume made by his wife.  Kudos to

her.  We also had some other creative and fun costumes.

Our Nov. 8 dance was called by Jim Hattrick and cued by Jackie Gale.  We had three squares on the floor most of the time.  Everyone had a good time and many attended the Turkey Dance in Sweet Home the next night: Susan Mathers, Randy Graboyes, Gaynor Hintz, Suzanne Peterson, Renee VanDole, Alan Hurst, Joy Pitts, Rosco Isobel, Margaret McVey and Roger Tendick.  This dance was also called by Jim Hattrick and Jackie Gale and was very well attended with 11 squares on the floor for the opening tip.  Thanks, Squarenaders.  It was super good fun!

October 8, 2019

October 11, 2019 we will have a regular dance with our new hours 7:30 to 10:00.  Jim Hattrick will be calling and Jackie Gale cueing.  Jim comes all the way from Vancouver, WA to call for us once a month, and we love having him.  Last month he brought two of his protegees with him, Mark Wheeler and his newest one Melissa.  We had a really great time and hope to see more of them.  Our member Janet Geiger had the opportunity to call with Mark--good practice for her.

On Oct. 25 we will have George Hermann calling and Jackie Gale cueing
our Halloween dance.  We love to put on costumes and always every year are surprised by what Joy Pitts comes up with.  There will be prizes for best costumes.  We love George's calling and hope that some of his dancing friends from the IWW will come down with him.

We hope to see lots of visitors come and join us for these dances.

September 26, 2019

Sept. 13: Our fall dances got off to a great start with our Sock Hop with Jim Hattrick our 2nd Friday caller joined on stage by his new protegee Melissa and caller Mark Wheeler.  They all called well and did great harmony together.  Lots of poodle skirts, pedal pushers and white shirts were on the floor.  We always have a great time at our Sock Hops.  At the end of the evening we were all treated to root beer floats supplied by our Treasurer Joy Pitts who feels no Sock Hop is complete without a root beer float!
Betty Aukerman and Joy Pitts serve up the floats.
All three callers on stage with  three squares on the floor having a blast.
Sept. 27 - Dan Nordbye dance with Jackie Gale cueing.  This is your last chance to dance to Dan with the  Single Trees before he goes south for the winter!