February 28, 2017

Single Trees March 2017 Square Dances

March 10th - Jim Hattrick will be calling for our "Baked Potato Feed" Irish themed dance. We will have baked potatoes supplied by our club with all the toppings supplied by members and anyone else who would like to bring their favorite one. So wear your green and let's have a "shamrocking" good time! Plus at 7:30 pm, rounds and mainstream starting at 8 pm.  Jackie Gale is cueing the rounds. Wonder what new fun dances she will have up her "green" sleeves.

March 24th - KC Curtis is the caller for this dance. It's always a fun time when KC visits our club as a guest caller. Looking forward to a good time with great rhythms and his "Do you remember this??? questions."

Our club cuer, Jackie Gale will be there with her terrific round dance cueing. We are so lucky to have her!

Other Dances:  Visitations on March 4th and April 1st are planned. Click on the "Visitation" tab in the menu bar for more information.

February 1, 2017

Single Trees February 2017 Dances

Feb 10th, Friday - Sweetheart of a 53rd Birthday Dance.  Our caller, Jim Hattrick will celebrate our year with us with hearts and flowers dances. Be there at 7:30 pm for plus, then join our cuer, Jackie Gale for a few rounds before we start mainstream just after 8 pm. Our club will provide ice cream and cake at the break around 9:30 pm. Then stay on to dance until 10:30 pm. It should be a good evening for all.

Feb. 24th, Friday - Craig Abercrombie will be our guest caller for the evening. Jackie Gale will have us swinging with her great round dance cues. What a month we will have - two really excellent callers. You can't ask for more than that! Come and join us!

Break time during our birthday dance.

January 1, 2017

January 2017 Single Trees dances

from our Christmas dance 2016
January 13th will bring our Snow-fest dance, held at the B51 level for all the dancers to enjoy. In our joint clubs dance lessons we are getting learners to be comfortable at the B51 level and adding the rest of the mainstream moves following regular lessons as they are ready to move on. So, we have a good number of dancers at the B51 level. 

We know that Jim Hattrick will do us proud getting our new dancers to have a good time at that level of dancing. So bring your new dancers and join us for a fun time.

January 18th is another B-51 dance hosted by the Wolf Pack for all those taking lessons who have taken those 10 weeks and know all those moves.  We invite our members and members of other clubs to join them and welcome them to our square dance community. The dance starts at 7 pm and goes until 9 pm. Sandy Harris will do the calling.

from our Christmas dance 2016 with Jim Hattrick calling
Mid-Winter Festival Jan 27th - 29th at the Fairgrounds in Albany.  Single Trees will be dark that night to attend the festival of square and round dancing.

November 26, 2016

December 2016 Single Trees Dances

From 2015 Christmas Dance
December 9th is Single Trees Christmas dinner (at 6:30 pm) followed by our dance at the ESDC in Hall A. Single Trees will supply the meat (leaning toward ham) and rolls. Anyone who is planning on attending please bring potluck food no later than 6:15 p.m. so we can eat on time in order to dance on time. It would be much appreciated.

Jim Hattrick is the caller for this dance which starts with plus squares at 7:30 p.m. At 8 p.m. we will move into rounds and mainstream.  Our cuer, Jackie Gale, will be on tap for all the round dance aficionados. We hope to see many of our friends from other clubs attend this dance.

Special New Year's Eve Dance, December 31st - (only $2.50 each to celebrate 25 years of the square dance hall). Bring a pie, too (or something that will go with pie). The dance is being hosted by Roger Putzler as caller, and Christina Corelli as cuer. Rounds start are 8:30 p.m. with mainstream starting at 9:00 p.m. and every 3rd tip plus. A toast with sparkling cider in stemmed glasses will occur every hour covering all time zones of the U.S.A. There will be one square dance tip after midnight before closing. All clubs are invited to attend this fun, end of 2016 dance.

November 4, 2016

November 2016 Dances

(Photos to come....)

11th, Fri. Single Trees (ESDC), Hattrick/Gale, 7:30 Plus, 8-10:30 MS with round dance tips

16th, Weds. Single Trees, 7 pm to 9 pm - sponsoring a B51 (Basic 51 moves dance), a dance to celebrate the current end of lessons session with Sandy Harris calling. Please attend this dance to welcome new dancers at the B51 level. (And note: clubs will be sponsoring B51 dances mid-month through the end of spring.)

Note: Lessons will begin again on the 22nd at 7 pm at the ESDC. New dancers are encouraged to take lessons again, and stay for the 30 minute session afterward to start learning the rest of the calls for mainstream (about 18 more calls over 10 weeks).

25th, Fri. Single Trees (ESDC), Civil War Tailgate Party, Girl’s Night out/Gale, 7:30 Plus,
8-10:30 MS with rounds.

Other November Dances in Area:

SpinCycle Squares dance most Sundays from 5:30 to 8PM at ESDC: All Levels – Tim Matteson/ Syb Eaglewolfe
4th -6th Royal Romp Plus Weekend, Oxendine & Story/Helms
4th, Fri. Buccaneers (ESDC), Plus, Putzler/Corelli
4th, Fri. Salem Swingin’ Stars, Plus 7:30, MS 8-10:30
5th, Sat. Wolf Pack/ Boots and Sandals (ESDC), MS – Harvest Dance, Harris/Corelli
5th, Sat. Lebanon Square Circlers, MS, IOOF Hall, Sports Night, Jeskey / Gale
11th, Fri. Alliance Plus Dance, Albany IOOF Hall, Lowther / Russell
12th, Sat. Sweet Home Squarenaders Turkey Dance, 6:30 Dinner, 7:30-10:30PM MS with every 3rd tip plus, Hattrick/Gale
12th, Sat. Timber 8’s (Roseburg, Plus, TBD / Neil Koozer
12th, Sat. Whirl-A-Ways (ESDC), MS, DARK
18th, Fri. Salem Swingin’ Stars, Plus 7:30, MS 8-10:30
19th, Sat. Danebo Circle 8 (ESDC), MS – Putzler / Corelli
19th, Sat - Lebanon Square Circlers, DARK due to visitation
19th, Sat. Spin Cycle Squares Special Dance, Adv. 3-4:30, Potluck and Silent Auction, 5:30-8PM MS and Plus, Kris Jensen (from Albuquerque) calling
26th, Sat. Whirl-A-Ways ESDC), New Dancer Dance, “Civil War Team Spirit”

October 3, 2016

Single Trees Square Dances - October 2016

14th, Fri. - Single Trees - Jim Hattrick/Jackie Gale, 7:30 Plus, 8-10:30 mainstream with round dance tips. Our 2nd Friday dance in September was wonderful. I wonder if Jim can top that one? We expect another really, really good dance. So come out and join us and have a lot of fun. We always do.

28th, Fri. - Single Trees Halloween Dance - Scott Zinser/Jackie Gale, 7:30 Plus, 8-10:30 mainstream with round dance tips.  Come to our always fun costume dance. Prizes will be awarded in several categories. What kinds of Halloween finger foods can you think of to bring to this dance!

This month's other dances and activities:

6th, Thurs. - Plus lessons begin with Roger Putzler at  at ESDC, 7PM
7th, Fri. - Buccaneers (at ESDC), Plus, Putzler/Corelli
7th, Fri. - Salem Swingin’ Stars, Plus 7:30, 8-10:30 MS
8th, Sat. - Corvallis Squares, MS – Jeskey caller & Cuer, 7PM
8th, Sat. - Sweet Home Squarenaders, MS
8th, Sat. - Timber 8’s (Roseburg), Plus, Roger Putzler / Neil Koozer, Halloween!
8th, Sat. - Whirl-A-Ways (at ESDC), MS
14th, Fri. - Alliance Plus Dance, Albany IOOF Hall, Voll/Harris
15th, Sat. - Danebo Circle 8 (at ESDC), MS – Bruce Lowther/Russell
15th, Sat. - Lebanon Square Circlers, MS, IOOF Hall. Black Light Dance, Jeskey / Gale
16th, Sun. - Cast A Shadows & Spin Cycle Squares (at ESDC) present Richard Lane A-2 and C-1 levels
21st, Fri. - Salem Swingin’ Stars, Plus 7:30, MS 8-10:30
22nd, Sat. - Whirl-A-Ways (at ESDC), MS
28th weekend - *Rosetown Ramblers Scares and Squares Weekend, Mike Kellogg, Gary Monday and Bronc Wise (se OFN flyer for more detail)
28th-30th weekend - A Touch of Magic Round Dance weekend, Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, Craig Cowan and Maryann Callahan at the Square Dance Center, Medford
29th, Sat. - EECA (at ESDC), 5th Sat. Dance, Halloween Dance (This will be our visitation dance for Single Trees. Can't get enough of that costume fancy.)
30th, Sun. - Fundraiser for and at the ESDC: A mystery play to be performed from 2-4:30 pm called “Who Put Their Paws on Claus?” by Judith Niems, $5.00 admission. Tickets at the door with an intermission of fab desserts before the final act.

We had a crowd at the free dance!

August 30, 2016

Single Trees September 2016 Dances

9th - Single Trees is holding a special FREE Celebration dance at the Emerald Square Dance Center to welcome Jim Hattrick as our caller for our first dance each month (second Friday). To ensure a good turnout, we decided to make this welcome dance free to all square dancers who attend. 7:30 pm starts with Plus, 8-10:30 pm is Mainstream and Rounds. Jackie Gale is our cuer. Please bring extra finger foods since we expect some visitors as well. This is going to be a wonderful celebration to start off the new dance year.

23rd - Fabulous 50s is the highlight of this dance. Craig Abercrombie and Al Frazier will be doing a calling duo. It should be a lot of fun. Jackie Gale is on tap for the cueing. All times are the same as above.

September 13th starts B51 square dance lessons with Sandy Harris doing the teaching. Please come and angel and bring some friends and family to learn to square dance. After the first 10 weeks the lessons will start all over again to give those who just learned a chance to solidify their dance skills and to help angel some new folks. At 8:30 the B51 "grads" will be given a half hour lessons after each dance to add some moves to bring them up to mainstream level.  There will be a B51 dance each month starting in November on Wednesdays.  Click on the lesson tab above for more information.  See you there!

August Dancers
Other September Dances:
2nd - 4th - Labor Day Plus Weekend, Mt. Hood Resort, Dan Preedy and Tami Helms.  Contact: Dora. (Registration) email: getyupcowboy5@gmail.com
2nd - 4th - Lebanon Square Circlers: Frank and Marianne’s Weekend Party, Silo Dance on Sunday with Charlotte Jeskey
3rd - Wolf Pack dance (ESDC), MS
9th - 11th - Wallowa Weekend, the Reids and Putzlers, callers
 9th - Alliance Plus Dance, Albany IOOF Hall, 7:30PM
10th - Whirl-A-Ways (ESDC), MS, 7:30 Plus, 8-10:30 MS, Kious / Corelli
12th - (Monday) Christina Corelli’s waltz lessons begin 7PM
16th - Salem Swingin’ Stars, 7:30 Plus, 8-10:30 MS
17th - Danebo Circle 8 (ESDC), MS, 7:30
17th - Lebanon Square Circlers, MS, IOOF hall, 7:30 pre-rounds, 8-10:30 squares – Jeskey / Gale
24th - Whirl-A-Ways - dark - (attending Cascade Camp out this weekend).