July 4, 2015

July/August 2015 Dances

July 10th - Red, White & Blue dance with a pie and ice cream social.  Caller: Jim Voll, Cuer: Jackie Gale. Cool off and exercise at the same time in our air-conditioned hall. And celebrate with pie and ice cream - can't wait! 

*Remember, always 7:30 pm for plus dancing, with mainstream starting at 8:00 pm. And July and August months are ALWAYS casual dress for our Single Trees dances.*

July 24th - Caller: Lennie Ludiker, Cuer: Christina Corelli. Glad to have Lennie and Christina as caller and cuer respectively at the same dance - a couple of our favorites.

August 14th - Caller: Terry Halley, Cuer: Jackie Gale. Glad to welcome back Terry for another fun dance. Jackie Gale will be our cuer for 2015-2016, so come and dance to her rounds. Remember finger food all you Single Trees!  With most of the clubs dark in the summer, we expect a good turnout.

August 28th - Hot August Nights / End of Summer Dance. Sandy Harris will be calling and cueing. A great time should be had by all with the many-talented Sandy Harris. Can't think of anything better to do to spend a hot August night - and there are always plenty of refreshments.

Other Dances:

July 15th -  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Wolf Pack Wednesday evening dance - adults $5, youth $2, casual clothes. Mainsteam squares with Sandy Harris calling.

17, 18, 19th - 55th Oregon Summer Festival – Klamath Co. Fairgrounds- Scott and Erin Byars featured caller and cuer.

22-25th - Diamond Lake Square Dance Festival; featured callers - Joe Saltel / Weaver, cuer - TJ Chadd


Larry Dupray, caller for the Wolf Pack is having a Saturday morning workshop to help hone those dancing skills and give you floor time. Every Saturday morning through September 26th, 2015. Time: 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. Air conditioned / cushioned wood floor. Casual Attire. Adults: $3.50, Youth and Teens: $2. Family rates available. Emerald Dance Center, Hall B / Please park in the back
2095 Yolanda, Springfield OR.

Other fun events in August:

August 9th, Sunday - Single Trees Picnic at Suzanne's country property off Seavey Loop. Usually starts at noon. Potluck picnic and games. Bring something yummy to share with the group. And do I hear a challenge for croquet?

August 15th, Saturday - Wolf Pack, Potluck picnic, South shelter Island Park 10 am to 2 pm.

May 30, 2015

June 2015 Dances

May Dance
12th, Fri., Single Trees, 7:30 pm plus, 8:00 pm mainstream – Reigning Cats and Dogs – Benefit for Greenhill Humane Society –  K. C. Curtis/ Jackie Gale.

Dollars, checks, blankets, pet food, pillows, etc., are all welcome donations to this annual event. It is a fun dance and we also help our furry friends. (You can always call Greenhill to see what they might need in supplies.)

26th, Fri., Single Trees, 7:30 plus, 8-10:30 pm mainstream – Scott Zinser / Christina Corelli. 
Single Trees swirl to the beat

Other Dances:
5th, Fri., Buccaneers, plus, 7:30 - 10:00 pm – Roger Putzler/Christina Corelli
Salem Swingin’ Stars, 7:30PM plus, 8-10:30PM mainstream

6th, Sat., Danebo Circle 8, 7:30 rounds, 8:00 pm mainstream – Roger Putzler/Christina Corelli

6th, Sat., Lebanon Strawberry Festival Dance, mainstream – Randy Dibble/Jackie Gale. Strawberry shortcake will be available at the break.

7th, Sun., The Crew at the ESDC sponsored by the Whirl-A-Ways, 1:30 pm rounds, 2:00 - 4:30 pm mainstream

12-14th, Buckeroo Round Up – 3 day event – Featured caller and cuer: Scott and Erin Byars

Single Trees spring bonnet dance

13th, Sat., Whirl-A-Ways, plus 7:30 pm, 8:00 pm mainstream

14th, Sun., Wildlife Safari Benefit Dance, Linda Putzler, our CCCA president, is in charge. Kirby Goode and Roger Putzler are in charge of sound/equipment  Linda is working with folks down south. This is a fun way to help Wildlife Safari. They've been allowing us to tour the park afterwards as a thank you.The park is outside of Winston which is southwest of Roseburg.

19th, Fri., Salem Swingin’ Stars, 7:30 pm plus, 8-10:30 pm mainstream

Christina cues at spring bonnet dance
20th, Sat., Danebo Circle 8, 7:30 pm rounds, 8:00 pm mainstream – Guest Caller / Christina Corelli

27th, Sat., Whirl-A-Ways, 7:30 plus, 8:00 pm mainstream, Pie and Ice Cream Social – Hawaiian theme- all singing calls

April 27, 2015

May 2015 Dances

Updated as of May 20th…

9th - Saturday - Fiesta Dance with Taco Bar provided by Whirl-A-Ways and Single Trees as co-hosts.  This will be a fun dance with the two clubs coming together like they did last year. We are hoping to have many guests from other square dance clubs. Plus is at 7:30 pm, and Mainstream at 8:00 pm. Single Trees and Whirl-A-Ways members have signed up for the Taco bar items. Any other club members attending can bring dessert items if they would like.

22nd - Friday - Craig Abercrombie calling and cueing. All dancers remember your finger foods and be prepared for having guest dancers as well.  We should have a great time dancing with all the terrific music Craig usually supplies with his zippy delivery. Be prepared to move and burn those calories!

Other Dances:
1st  - Buccanners Plus with Putzler and Corelli (7:30 pm)
       - Salem Swingin' Stars (7:30 pm)
2nd - Danebo  Circle 8 - Putzler and Corelli (7:30 pm)
       - Lebanon Square Circles Fiesta Dance - Jeskey and Pinion
8th  - Alliance Plus Dance - Other and Pinion
15th - Salem Swingin' Stars (7:30 pm)
16th - Danebo Circle 8 is dark
        - Lebanon Square Circlers - Jeskey and Gale
22-25th - Boatnik Festival in Grants Pass - Pat Carnathan, caller; and Jo Yakimowski, cuer.
23rd - Whirl-A-Ways
29th - Salem Swingin' Stars - Plus night
30th - CCCA 5th Saturday Dance at ESDC - 7:30 pm pre-rounds, 8-10:00 pm mainstream. Called and cued by CCCA members.

Heads Up:
5th-6th is the Strawberry Festival dance in Lebanon - strawberry shortcake on Saturday night!
7th June - The Crew at ESDC sponsored by the Whirl-A-Ways

Fiesta Dance was a big success!!

April 1, 2015

April 2015 Dances

10th - Spring Bonnet Dance with Jim Voll calling and Christina Corelli cueing. There will be prizes for the neatest hats … remember the song "In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it?"  Well, that's where this dance theme came from. Plus dancing from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm. From 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm will be New Dancer Level to help out those new dancers Jim Voll is now teaching. So come and have a great time - Jim will make it interesting.

24th - for this dance Terry Halley will be our caller for squares and Christina Corelli will again do the cueing for the round dances. We expect at least one square from the Salem Swinging Stars to visit that night, so ST members, please remember to bring your finger foods. It should be a very good dance.

25th - Hall Clean Up Day - inside and outside to start at 9:00 am to whenever. Bring implements of choice and let's spruce the place up! If you can only give an hour, it will be much appreciated. "Many hands make light work."

25th: 12:45 to 1:15 Square Dance Demo at Lane County Fairgrounds (the four clubs involved are trying to get 2 squares together for this - see Shirley if you are interested). Table for "Dare to Dance Square" going on all day from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and we need people to man the table. So help with the hall cleanup if you can and then pop on over to the Fairgrounds and wear your T-shirt "Dare to Dance Square.  If you don't have one, perhaps you can pick up a $6 T-shirt at the next dance, or get a button from Janet and some cards from Christine Beneda. Let's make our club grow again.

Other Dances

3rd - Buccaneers Plus Dance - Don Marshall is joining Roger Putzler at this dance at the ESDC. 7:30 pm pre-rounds with Christina Corelli, and 8:00 pm starts mainstream.

4th - Roseburg Buckaroos birthday dance and Single Trees visitation (check the vistation navigation tab above for more info).

11th - The Whirl-A-Ways are having a scrambled outfits dance. Now that should be interesting!

Dan Norbye
14th - Tuesday - Dan Norbye, national caller will be at the ESDC. This dance is sponsored by Danebo Circle 8. This is always a terrific dance - so come one, come all.

19th - Boots and Sandals 62nd Birthday Dance at the London Grange in Cottage Grove.  2:00 pm pre-rounds with Neil Koozer with easy mainstream starting at 2:30 with Lennie Ludiker calling. Square dance attire admired but not required. Split the pot, door prizes, cake and ice cream provided. Bring a dish to share at the potluck near the end of the dance.  Address: 72746 London Rd.

March 4, 2015

March 2015 Dances

Friday, the 13th will be our combined Black Cat and St. Patricks Day dance.  The very fun black cat portion of the dance has someone dressed as a black cat going around to all the squares while the lights are out and only black light is on for a few of the dances. Wear a bit of white so we can find you in the dark. White gloves help the dancers a lot. You can also wear green for the St. Patricks day theme. Seems like those green and white Single Tree colors would work just right.

Terry Halley will be the caller for this dance - a good singer/caller with some excellent music. We are also glad to have Christina Corelli as our cuer for the evening. And members, please remember those finger foods for the break.

Friday, March 27th Lennie Ludiker will be our caller and Jackie Gale will do the cueing. This will make for a really fun dance!

Other Dances:

March 7th - Danebo Circle 8 is 65 years old - join them in this special dance with pre-rounds at 7:30 pm and mainstream starting at 8:00 pm. Roger Putzler is the caller and Christina Corelli is cueing.

March 14th the Whirl-A-Ways will be hosting a "partial" new dancer dance. Plus will start at 7:30 pm. At 8:00 pm there will be an hour of new dancer level. For the rest of the evening, mainstream and new dancer level will alternate. This is themed as a "pajama dance" so interesting PJ outfits will be on many dancers. This could be really fun - give it a whirl!

March 28th is a Single Trees visitation night. Check the visitation schedule from the menu bar.

 Photos from our February Birthday Dance with the Wild Cards:

February 6, 2015

February Dances 2015

Helen Halley, cuer
Feb. 13th - Single Trees Sweetheart of a 51st Birthday Dance with the Wild Cards calling and Helen Halley cueing. This will be a really good dance, as always. Come celebrate with us!
From 2013 dance with Wild Cards

Feb 27th - Single Trees dance with Craig Abercrombie calling and cueing.

Square Dance Lessons just started on Feb. 4th. Not too late to join in on the 11th, Wednesday. Jim Voll is giving lessons - so you know this is really good. Bring friends. There were 26 new dancers on the 4th - so lots of angels are needed. I heard there were 8 squares of dancers all together - fantastic!

Other February Dances:
6th - Buccaneers Plus dance with Roger Putzler calling and Christine Corelli cueing. 7:30 pm round dancing and 8 pm starts plus squares at the Hall.

14th - the Whirl-A-Ways are having their Valentine dance - good timing! Come and support this fun dance.

21st - Danebo Circle 8 special Chinese New Year Dance (dress up if you like) with Lennie Ludiker calling and Christina Corelli cueing pre-rounds at 7:30. Mainstream dance is 8 pm until 10 pm.

Happy Valentines Day!
From 2011 Valentines Dance

January 3, 2015

January 2015 Dance Schedule (new item on 30th!)

Note:  the New Year's Eve dance sponsored by Putzler and Corelli was excellent with a large turnout and a lot of pies. We all had a great time.

9th - New Dancers Dance and Baked Potato Feed - Roger Putzler calling, and Jackie Gale cueing the rounds. All clubs - come and support the "almost graduated" new dancers and enjoy baked potatoes at the break with all the fixings. Remember, members to bring items to go with the potatoes. Additional finger foods and other goodies are appreciated as well. Actual mainstream will most likely start at 8 pm.

13th - (Tues.) New Dancer Graduation and dance at the ESDC from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

23rd - Our club will be dark for Mid-Winter.

Upcoming: Feb. 13th - Single Trees Sweetheart of a 51st Birthday Dance with the Wild Cards calling and Helen Halley cueing. This will be an really good dance, as always. Come celebrate with us!

Other January Dances:
2nd - Buccaneers Plus dance with Roger Putzler calling and Christine Corelli cueing.

23rd-25th is Mid-Winter Festival at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany with featured caller, Jet Roberts of California, and featured cuers, Peter and Chama Gomez of Colorado.

30th - NEW - 7 pm Round Dance Party at the ESDC Hall.

31st - CCCA 5th Saturday Dance at the ESDC Hall - amateur caller night with George and Patty Hermann as MC and cure.