April 9, 2018

Single Trees April - June 2018 Dances

Spring has sprung and so have our dances. So put on your brightest colors and come dance with us!
Jim Hattrick and Mark Wheeler calling
Remember - we dance Plus at 7:30 pm, then rounds and mainstream starting at 8:00 pm. Our dances go until 10:30 p.m. with a snack break and a short meeting around 9:15 or 9:30 pm, depending on the dance schedule.  Remember to bring finger foods to share.

April 13 - Uncle Sam's Tax Dance with Jim Hattrick caller, and Jackie Gale cuer. Maybe some red, white and blue, or all black and all blue??? Depends on your frame of mind.

April 27 - Jim Voll will be calling and Jackie Gale will cue.

May 11 - Combined Mexican Fiesta Dance with the Whirl-A-Ways joining us for the festivities. George Hermann and Mike Kious will be calling, and Jackie Gale is the cuer. There will be a taco bar at the break (which will be longer than usual). Check with those in charge on what to bring for the taco bar. A list will be circulating at the April dances and via e-mail.

May 25 - We are DARK for Memorial Day weekend.

June 8 - "Reigning Cats and Dogs Dance" and a benefit for the Greenhill Humane Society. Cash, checks, blankets, animal toys, brushes, dog and cat food (check with Greenhill to make sure you get what they use regularly). Jim Hattrick will be calling, Jackie Gale is the cuer.

June 22 - KC Curtis is the caller. Jackie Gale is the cuer.

From our March 2018 Baked Potato Feed.