May 30, 2016

June 2016 Square Dances

Single Trees Dances:

June 10: Reigning Cats and Dogs Dance - Fund Raiser for Greenhill Humane Society. Donations - dog and cat food, toys, blankets, old towels, etc. You can always give them a call and see what they could use and then bring it to the dance. Cash is always appreciated. 7:30 pm starts with Plus, and 8:00 pm is rounds and mainstream squares until 10:30 p.m. 'Girls Night Out' ( Sandy Harris, Charlotte Jeskey, and Jackie Gale) will be calling for your dancing pleasure. Jackie Gale will be cueing. I wonder if the kitty litter cake will show up this time.

June 24: Jim Hattrick will be calling. Jackie Gale will be our cuer. Same dancing format as above. We could use those finger foods (maybe some more healthy snacks as well as those desserts).

Round dancers at the Mexican Fiesta Dance held May 13.


If you are a Plus dancer and wish more floor time, challenge and FUN, please come to Emerald Dance Center in Springfield. In June, the second and fourth Thursdays are scheduled for Plus workshops at 7:00 p.m.

Mexican Fiesta Dance - Greeting a busload of surprise guests!

Other Area Dances:

June 3, Friday: last Buccaneers "plus only" dance of the season - 7:30 pm rounds, 8-10:00 pm plus dances only. ESDC hall. Hermman and Putlzer calling.
June 3-5: Strawberry Festival - in Lebanon - for more information
June 5: The Crew - presented by the Whirl-A-Ways. Callers Daryl Clendenin, Randy Dibble, Jim Hattrick, Les Seeley. Cuer Yvonne Clendenin. Pre-rounds 1:30-2:00 pm, Mainstream with every third tip plus from 2-4:30 pm. ($7 per person). Emerald Empire Square Dance Center in Springfield.
June 13:  Sweet Home Squarenaders -  Red, White and Blue Patriotic Dance, with Jim Voll calling, Jackie Gale cueing.  7:30pm Plus, 8:00pm Mainstream.  Oak Heights School, 6th and Elm Streets.  Casual.
June 11:  Corvallis Squares Regular Dance, with  Sandy Harris calling and cueing. 7:00pm Pre-Rounds, 7:15pm Mainstream, 1st Congregational Church, 4515 SW West Hills Rd.
June 18:   Sweet Home Squarenaders - Pioneer Picnic FREE Dance, 7:30—10:00pm. with Bruce Lowther calling, Judy Russell cueing. Pioneer Park, Brownsville.
June 27:  Willamette Squares - Take Me Out To The Ball Game Dance, 7:30pm Pre-Rounds, 8:00pm Mainstream.  Sandy Harris calling, Jackie Gale cueing.  Salem Square Dance Center,  3695 45th Ave. NE.

Callers Mike Kious and George Hermman
Some photos from the Mexican Fiesta Dance we did with the Whirl-A-Ways on May 13th. It was a wonderful dance with a incredible taco bar and an incredible number of people - over 100 with half of them surprise guests from the Independence Wagon Wheelers!

They got a banner for sure!

They danced the night away until the final bell.

Keep Going...

Was that left or right?

Thanks to all who submitted photos from the dance.