March 3, 2014

March 2014 Dances

Washing those potatoes!
14th - Shamrock Shindig and Baked Potato Feed; caller is Mike Kious and cuer is Sharon Greenman.

Groove with your green - a great time to drag out those Single Trees outfits or anything else green you might like to wear. The club will supply the hot spuds - club members (or guests if they'd like) can bring potato toppers or finger foods. We'll have a hot time dancing up an appetite. Reminder that plus tips start at 7:30 pm and mainstream at 8:00 pm.

28th - OFN Subscription Dance & Pizza Feed. Caller is Bruce Lowther and cuer is Christina Corelli-Goode.

Free admission to this dance when you renew or start a subscription to the OFN the night of the dance.  Information on the OFN is below. We'll have forms at the sign-in table.

The Federation publishes a monthly magazine, the Oregon Federation News, which includes news and information about dances and dancing in the state, schedules and advertisements for upcoming dances, and registration forms for state festivals and National Square Dance Conventions. The OFN is available for subscription at $17 per year. You may download a subscription form, or call 503-244-4109 or send an e-mail for subscription information.

Visitation on the 29th!  Click on the "Visitation" navigation bar at the top for more info.

Heads up for April:  Roger Putzler is doing more Plus workshops in April and May in Springfield, Hall A, at the Emerald Square Dance Center.  All are at 7:00 pm and on Tuesdays. April 1st, 29th, and May 6th.