July 14, 2013

Square Dancing for Exercise and the Mind

1) It is a great way to exercise and it is lots of fun to boot.  Square Dancing is endorsed  by the American Heart Association.  In a typical dance you will walk 3-5 miles if you keep going the whole time.

2) Square Dancing has also been endorsed by the Alzheimer’s Association because it keeps your mind sharp. Lessons start with 50 different calls and get up to about 68.  If you want to stretch yourself further, you go for the plus lessons, eventually, and learn about 30 more calls.

3) Square dancing costs a lot less than a health club, and it doesn't feel like work!

4) I’ll bet that you didn't  know that you can square dance to just about any type of music.  We’re talking, Rock, Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Classical, Gospel.  Frankly all you need is a beat to move your feet to.

5) We have a saying around square dancing that it is good for ages 8-98.  Younger then age 8 you get into a problem with memory retention.  :-)

Many thanks to a square dance friend for some of this obvious information.

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