October 2, 2012

October Dances - 2012

12th - Octoberfest - caller is Renee Ruud.  We will also have a Food Barrel for donations for Food for Lane County.  Bring your cans.  Cash donations also accepted.

Renee is becoming a good caller and is more adapted to plus each time she graces our hall. Les Seeley might show up too, if he has the time available.  They like to do duets at each other's gigs and we always enjoy the possible surprise. Renee has a very good singing voice which is always nice for those singing calls.  :-)

28th - Halloween Dance - caller is Scott Zinser.  Let's see more costumes this year!  Scott is one of our favorite callers, when we can get him, since he is very popular with other clubs. He called for several of our dances last year and we always had a great time. Looking forward to having him again - and we hope to get a good crowd out to dance to his tunes. We expect to have lots of finger foods for the festivities. Did someone say we might have prizes for the best costumes?