April 29, 2012

May Dances!

11th - Roger Putzler is calling for our Mexican Fiesta Dance.  We've been waiting for him to have a spare moment to call for us and finally it has arrived.  When he retired he thought he would just call once in a while, but now he is busier than when he was working and it is hard to sign him up for a dance. We will have a taco bar and/or Mexican-oriented finger foods, but we depend on all our members bringing something, so stay in touch.  Roger is a fun caller and we all look forward to seeing him again.

25th - K.C. Curtis is calling. K.C. has called for the Toe Draggers in Kinton, Oregon, just outside of Beaverton since 2006.  He has one of the nicest singing voices around and a good sense of humor. He also sings (and calls) in harmony with the Wild Cards.  We have all enjoyed K.C.'s calling whenever we are lucky enough to have him.  So come out in full measure and enjoy a fun night of dancing. (Note, he and Peter Wood switched dance nights.) So, if you couldn't come to dance to K.C. in April ... you have another chance in May!